Alternative Option Before File Bankruptcy

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Think hard before you choose to file bankruptcy

It is recommended that individuals who are considering filing for bankruptcy to consider all their options and the implications of their choice. If you decide to file for bankruptcy, the way to regain you creditability is long and hard. Alternatively, individuals do have other options and these must be considered before making your decision. The tough economic conditions are making it difficult for people to meet their bills. Many people have lost their jobs and even if they have been lucky to find alternate jobs, it is difficult to run through the monthly bills.

Debt consolidation companies offer help

In this tough economy, several debt consolidation companies are now trying to lure people with consolidation loans. The companies provide a single loan that is used to pay-off all your other loans. However, one concern under this option is that if you still have a credit card, then you may continue incurring additional debt unless you control your spending. Even if you are able to control your expenses, you still are left with a debt burden and hence often lawyers ask you to file for bankruptcy. Read more »

What Can I Do About Credit Card Debt ?

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Being in dept is a key burden to many house holds and credit card dept is the worst of them all. This is because most credit cards are characterized with high interest rates thereby it becomes very hard for most people to pay their depts. Even when only making the minimum payment. Minimum payment is not the best way to clear your debt arrears as this in the long run will cost you more and takes you longer to clear the credit card payment. Fortunately, there is a way out to everything and ill show you how you can make credit card depth a thing of the past in your financial life. The following will also equip you with how you can improve your credit card score record thereby opening up for you more financial opportunities in the future.

The first step is to make a list of all of your credit cards. With the list, provide details of your outstanding balance, interests rates on each card, and minimum payments required for each card as well. All these details will be available in your credit card monthly statement provided by your bank. Read more »

How to find 0% Interest Credit Cards?

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For a majority of people, credit card is a basic and is a must have. But how true is this statement in regards to you? Do you really need a credit card? If your answer is yes, then ask yourself the next important question, what or which credit card do you need? These questions will help you know and understand your needs. For instance, are you planning to cut existing dept cost? Or do you intend to supplement your budgets with using your credit card? Do you have a planned payment strategy in place and have you a planned budget of getting out in debt?

Misuse of credit card can plunge you in debt crisis as well as earn you poor credit scores. Dept like fire is useful when used properly and will get messy when misused. You have to be financially discipline to employ stoozing and it is recommended that when possible, use your savings instead of borrowings to make your daily expenditures.

Credit cards are cheaper means of borrowing compared to loans. Therefore if you need to borrow for a definite purpose, then you will have to abide by the following guiding principles :-
- work out your cost estimate, It is advised that you only borrow what you need and not a penny more as this will help establish that you can clear the payments adequately.
- make at least minimum repayment on acceptance to avoid loosing your 0% Interest Credit Card Deal. Should you skip any month without payment; the offer will not favor you any further. Read more »

Can Credit Counseling Actually Help You Undergo Debt Consolidation ?

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It is no surprise a majority of dept is owned on credit cards. Everyone in America is entitled to a credit card as soon as they are 18 years and this has led to the finding that at least every house hold in America owns about 10,000 dollars in dept. This has created the need for credit card debt consolidation that will provide you necessary helpful tools to deal with debt effectively. The aim here is to install needed discipline in every credit card holder not to add any further to their dept load.

You have to understand that dept consolidation is not your final solution to your financial problems. When you are in constant dept problems and can’t control your finances effectively, then dept consolidation counseling will provide you the much needed help in terms of making well informed decisions on viable strategies. Through this counseling, you will be able to identify your financial weaknesses thereby helping prevent you from getting into future debt traps. Read more »

Credit-card holders find rewards program less rewarding ?

Credit-card holders find rewards program less rewarding ? 5.00/5 (100.00%) 5 votes

Here is why you will not be enjoying the full benefits of from your credit card reword program ant time sooner. Note that you are now required to pay more or earn additional points to claim free plane tickets or claim cash back perks. Customers are being forced to tighten their belts because the focus is now Turing away from them to the banks. That is to mean, more benefits is shifting to the bank at the disadvantage of the card holders.

To prove this, here is what most companies have done in the resent past in relation to their credit card holding customers. The Alaskan airline intends to eliminate a 2000 free anniversary mile that it has been granting on annual basis to its card holders. American express has increased the fee customers in membership reward program pay. Discover has equally eliminated one of the three tiers in its cash back program. Further on, city has doubled the total number of points that one has to have in order to redeem a domestic roundtrip airline ticket. Read more »

Balance Transfer Credit Cards – Many choices available for your

Balance Transfer Credit Cards – Many choices available for your 5.00/5 (100.00%) 5 votes

Credit card balance transfer is a common thing and to some extend people find it as an option in efforts to clear their credit card dept. the exercise is simple but can be costly if you don’t take precautions and don’t get right advice in what is involved in balance transfers. The information here will enlighten you with the dos and don’t next time you want to undertake credit card balance transfers.

Before you proceed with balance transfer, you have to inquire if there are introductory interest rates involved. This is because introductory interest rate will do away with monthly chargers that are levied on balance transfers over a period of time. In addition a lot of credit cards have a zero or low interest introductory rate. The basic behind this is to make it easier for you to do payment on your credit card dept much faster. Read more »

Should you read your credit card number out loud on a subway ??! Vital CreditCard Fraud Protection !

Should you read your credit card number out loud on a subway ??! Vital CreditCard Fraud Protection ! 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

Research has shown that banks are becoming reluctant to compensate victims of credit card fraud and therefore it is becoming a personal responsibility to ensure that you protect yourself against this type of fraud. With the rise in online business transactions, we are not where near quitting and so are the thieves who are becoming increasingly skilled in stealing your financial information.

Here are some tips that will help you protect your credit card and financial information from online phishing while doing your online shopping. The steps involved include the following;
- Identify with the right vender.
Always do ensure that there is a padlock symbol and the browser address to your vender begins with “http”. When the site is secure, it will also be encrypting information at about 128 bit thereby protecting your credit card information from being picked by phishing attempts. Also read the prospective company policy on privacy, return, refund and customer satisfaction policy and approve if you’re satisfied by it. Also see to it that the company is registered by the better business bureau as this will make it a legitimate company. Read more »

Instant Approval Credit Cards – Compare and Apply

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Instant approval credit cards from major banks and issuers such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Easy online application with instant decision. Gone are the days you were required to set up a meeting with your bank and fill endless paper forms just to get a credit card after waiting in line for months and after having made numerous calls. In fact in some cases, your application may be rejected after having waited for this long. We all have to appreciate technology which has brought along with it radical changes in our banking sector and as well as improving our communication channels.

Today, virtually all banks offer instant approval of credit card facility. The logic is for you to identify with your credit card provider of choice then fill out the online application form complete with the security details submit it online wait for a response within minutes you will be able to know if you have been approve or if your application has been rejected based on your credit card history. Read more »

Bad Credit – Poor Credit Cards after Bankruptcy – Rebuild Credit

Bad Credit – Poor Credit Cards after Bankruptcy – Rebuild Credit 5.00/5 (100.00%) 4 votes

Implications of bankruptcy on credit report

Filing for a bankruptcy is one of the most difficult choices that an individual can make. Hence, you must avoid this under any circumstance and resort to it only after you have exhausted all the other options. Although, a bankruptcy will remove all your debts, it will put your credit report under bankruptcy as well. This means that no financial institution will provide a loan to you.

Difficulties to procure loans

Because your entire credit report is made of bankruptcy, lenders would consider you as high-risk and will not provide any credit to you. In addition, you will be unable to procure a credit card. Therefore, what options do you have of removing the bankruptcy from the credit report? The only option available is to go through the credit bureau because a bankruptcy is filed under the court system. Read more »


Fortify Your Savings With Gold

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It looks like gold investors and current holders are in for an exciting year. Although prices throughout 2013 were on the low side, gold is a long-term investment that tends to grow through the dips and dives. Those who have been following gold for a long time know that these kinds of lows are just an opportunity to buy more gold at a better price. Even though these changes in the market can cause people to panic sell, the people who get the most from gold are the ones who simply hold and watch their investment grow. Read more »

The Gold Market in 2014

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Gold investors know that they need to focus on the long-term when it comes to generating profit. While it may be tempting to sell the moment that the spot price jumps a bit, it is usually a much better idea to let the gold mature over time. As proven by its performance in 2013, gold can be volatile at times. Even though it is widely regarded as one of the safest and most stable investment vehicles out there, we must not forget that it will fluctuate up and down on the way up.

Moving into 2014, many buyers are thrilled to see gold’s price drop. For them, this is simply an opportunity to purchase gold at a much lower rate than they were able to before. To those who are not familiar with the gold market, buying when it is not performing well may seem counter-intuitive, but historically gold has proven itself to be a reliable store of value that tends to at least even out over time, if not grow. In short, just because gold did not have the best year does not mean that it will not have an incredible decade.
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Why Investing in Gold is a Great Idea

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Across the United States, and even across the world, more and more people are making the call to invest in gold. You may have even seen people on news stations or financial or investing programs talk about why you should consider diversifying your portfolio by investing in gold now. Especially since gold is likely to increase in value over time (as it has done traditionally), gold has become a good and reliable option for investors looking for long term growth.

Throughout time, precious metals have always been sources of money because they have real value, but there are now even more reasons to consider investing in precious metals such as gold. For starters, gold has always been a form of money or currency which can be exchanged, and it is carried and accepted pretty much everywhere around the world. Gold is one thing that just about every country has agreed to recognize the value in.
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Precious Metals Investing in 2014

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In response to worries about economic contraction and illiquid global financial markets following the Financial Crisis of 2008, the United States Federal Reserve made the decision to further their previous quantitative easing policy efforts by initiating a bond and mortgage backed security bond buying program.  This program eventually reached a peak of $85 billion per month.  However, the Federal Reserve under the new helm of chairwoman Janet Yellen, have made the decision to start tapering the $85 billion monthly program by $10 billion in January, with further tapering efforts to continue as we progress through 2014.

The demand for fabricated silver assets looks to continue its positive trend in 2014.  This is in accordance with widespread predictions that the precious metal market is set to have a strong year across the board in the coming year.  Both fabricated and raw precious metal markets are predicted by analysts and experienced speculators to perform better than other types of safe haven investment options with the onset of the Federal Reserve’s tapering of their monthly bond and mortgage backed security buying program.
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Coins as a Hobby and Investment Strategy

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The allure of owning rare gold coins is hard to deny for many people.  Gold coins are a multifaceted investment vehicle.  Not only are they valuable because of the intrinsic gold value, but their added scarcity makes them even more highly demanded and thus priced.  It is not unheard of for an old coin to be worth well over a million dollars.

So how do we take part in this treasure hunt?  The first step is to learn about all the various coins, starting with the most popular.  A good place to start is by reading about the history of the Morgan Silver Dollar.  The more you learn about various coins and their behaviors in the market, the easier it will be to decide what coins you are interested in.
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Considering Gold Investing in 2014

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Gold investing in 2014 will have some advantages that haven’t been present in the market for quite a while. Principally, with prices having gone down considerably over 2013, gold is actually affordable again. This could drive prices up as more investors realize that gold investing in 2014 is a viable option for them to improve the quality of their portfolios.

The Hedge Advantage
Gold investing in 2014, even though it involves a far different market than recent years, will likely remain popular for many of the same reasons that investing in this metal has always been popular. Among the most significant of those reasons is the fact that gold serves as a hedge against inflation.

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Gold Investment Outlook

Taking Advantage of Precious Metals Prices

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The past five years have seen a constant downturn in the market all around. Stocks have fallen. Housing prices are almost unrecognizable they’ve dropped so low. It seems like the only things that have gone up are unemployment, inflation and anxiety. Not all is loss, however. Precious metals prices continue to trend upward on the whole. If you’d like to benefit from future increases in precious metals prices, continue reading for some of the easiest ways to invest.

Physical Bullion

One of the most popular forms of precious metals comes in the form of bullion. It’s essentially the metal in its purest form, devoid of any additives. Bullion makes trading and accounting for one’s precious metals extremely convenient for this reason. Precious metals prices are generally listed in ounces of bullion as well. Read more »

Investing in Gold Is a Smart Strategy in 2014

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In most cases, when somebody says that something is nothing new, they mean that in a somewhat disparaging way. Where investing in gold is concerned, however, that’s actually an endorsement of the metal. One of the primary reasons that people invest in gold is because it is so well-established as a viable investment vehicle.

Over the past couple of years, gold has diminished in price. This is not too surprising, given that the gold prices prior to the past year were very high. When it started to lose value, it did so after being at record highs. Right now, many investors are taking another look at investing in gold, as the prices are more realistic and as the potential to protect wealth and, possibly, make a profit, are both enhanced because of the lower prices.

Paper Gold Read more »

What You Need to Know about Rare Gold Coins

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Many people are looking for different ways to invest their money. They need to know that their assets are safe, and that can be a hard thing to find considering the difficulties that the stock and real estate markets have recently dealt with. Then, there is the issue of inflation. Almost anyone in the financial world will tell you that inflation of the US dollar could become a serious issue in the next few years. You do need to find a way to protect your assets, and that way is not in the form of money, land, or stocks. Instead, you must consider rare gold coins. These coins don’t depend on the value of the dollar for their own value.

Gold Itself
Of course, since rare gold coins are made from precious metal, they have value in this manner. Gold content can be very important. The precious metal doesn’t depend directly on the value of the dollar or the stock market. In fact, when the economy suffers, then the value of gold almost always goes up. That’s because more and more investors seek it out.

Of course, rare gold coins are valuable for this precious metal, and that alone is a very good reason to invest. However, there is much more to consider.
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Buying Rare Coins Will Grow Your Wealth

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What is portfolio diversification? It is a way of looking at the investment decisions you have made and to ensure that there is balance in such factors as risk, return, liquidity, etc. This is something that everyone just beginning to learn about investing will encounter, and it can be fun to look at the “vehicles” available to anyone hoping to diversify and balance their holdings.

What makes diversification a bit of a challenge in the modern world is the fact that so many investment vehicles are no longer as reliable as they have been in the past. Things we are all familiar with – such as stocks or bonds – are not as dependable as they once were. This is why so many savvy investors are buying rare coins to diversify their holdings.

How Buying Rare Coins Grows Wealth Read more »


Solar Panels Save Money

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Many are concerned with improving the quality of their lives and the quality of their household on a consistent basis. The ability to create change for the positive to one’s environment and home has many details and homeowners are often concerned with how this can translate to neighbors as well as communities.

People take pride in being a part of something which is positive. Many spend countless weekends and free time changing their gardens, up-keeping their yards, adding paint, details, additional home changes which will bring about positive aspects to the neighborhood. There is much to take pride in when a household expresses itself in the community. Perhaps the argument can be made that the expression of one’s home is a reflection of how the people live within it.If a home is beautifully curated and expressing a positive sense to the neighborhood, this can bring about positive change in others.

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Changes for Silver in the 2013 Precious Metals Market Outlook

Changes for Silver in the 2013 Precious Metals Market Outlook 5.00/5 (100.00%) 6 votes

Investments are never static or completely predictable. They make short and long-term changes that affect their profitability and level of risk. Investors must attempt to study different purchasing options to determine which investment vehicles are more likely to provide a large return with as little risk as possible.

As people study that 2013 precious metals market outlook and the potential for profit over the long-term for metals investments, many are finding silver to be a very attractive and exciting option. Silver has become an especially appealing investment choice for those who would like a low-risk way to make an investment that will provide substantial returns many years from now. Read more »

Investing in Precious Metals to Reduce Risk

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Many individuals in today’s post-crash world are wondering whether investment is worth their time at all. However, a failing economy and reduced jobs and pay often mean that investment is still one of the best and surest roads to personal prosperity, as long as it is managed correctly. What potential investors need is something to reduce their risks and help them get past the fear of being burned gain. Investing in precious metals offers just such an opportunity. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have been doing well in the recent market and are known to have a stabilizing effect on any portfolio, which should put worried investors at ease.

Silver over Gold
Gold is the first instinct of many when investing in precious metals, but more and more people are starting to put their money into silver instead or in addition to its flashier cousin. Silver receives fewer market pressures from sources like the government because it is used less as currency and has a lower value. Therefore, it does not react as suddenly or a violently to government interference in the marketplace, a phenomenon that has had to happen with increasing frequency of late.

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The Place of Silver in Your Precious Metals Buying Plan

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Precious metals buying is often considered a safe harbor by veteran investors, and many use it as a way to create more security in their portfolio for when the rest of the market is in trouble. They are a long-term investment and often a way of hedging one’s bets, since precious metals tend to rise in price when the rest of the market falls. Precious metals buying may not provide large immediate returns like other investments, but it is a way to make sure your money is safe and that you get some profit even if other investments fail.

Gold is the celebrity of the precious metals. It is what first comes to mind when most people hear the term, and it is also the most valued in terms of its relationship to currency. However, it is not the only precious metal worthy of examination. Silver is also a good investment, especially in the 2013 market.

Worldwide Economy Read more »


Why Choose Silver when Investing in Precious Metals

Why Choose Silver when Investing in Precious Metals 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

When you make the decision to invest in precious metals, one of the first things you need to decide is which metal specifically. Obviously, there is a good case for any of your four options, but you do need to consider silver. When you choose to get started investing in precious metals, you will find out very quickly that there is viability and growth in silver. The more you learn about silver, the more you will see how it could be such a good option for your own portfolio. Read more »