Why Platinum and Palladium Should be in your Financial Portfolio

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Investing in precious metals has always been a prudent financial maneuver, but these days gold and silver are gaining traction quickly, as the demand for a safer and more reliable form of currency rises.  The performance of other noble metals like palladium and platinum rely more on industrial demand than economic speculation, but these alternative precious metal options are generating substantial interest among informed buyers.

While gold and silver are widely known as stable additions to any financial portfolio, platinum and palladium are often overlooked in favor of the old standards.  What few fail to realize, is that these white metals offer many of the safe benefits as gold and silver, with a few unique qualities of their own.

Because of its demand in an industrial setting, these metals often coincide very closely with the industry that requires them most.  For example, platinum is a crucial component in the automotive industry, as it is necessary for making catalytic converters.  Catalytic converters are devices that are created to reduce harmful emissions.

With this knowledge in mind, we can reasonably assume that given the current socioeconomic status, with much talk about going green and stopping global warming, we can expect that clean air legislation may require auto makers to install more catalytic converters, as a preventative measure.  With this in mind, you may want to consider in buying platinum, because the demand is likely to rise.  This kind of speculating can be quite useful in helping you to determine the best times to buy and sell your platinum.

Due to the conductive, corrosion and oxidation-resistant, malleable ductile properties that noble metals possess, they are often used in a variety of fields, especially electronics.  Seeing how technology is rapidly developing and how this booming industry is driving precious metals prices skyward is another factor that should be considered when choosing your investment plan.

Platinum and palladium make excellent long-term investments, as they are more volatile but tend to maintain a steady ascension, as supply diminishes through rapid usage.  While this volatility can be used to your advantage if you buy low and sell high, most seasoned investors tend to hold onto their palladium and platinum, as they have been shown to be more reliable with that approach.

Having a strategic array of precious metals in your financial portfolio is a great way to keep all of your eggs out of the same basket.  Tangible assets are the key to a financially viable future.  Precious metals are on the rise and have enormous profit potential at this current time.  Fiat currency has been on the decline and shows no signs of slowing.  Precious metals offer an alternative that is highly liquid and maintains intrinsic value.

Monex has been selling gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins and bars for over 40 years, and remains the most trusted name in the precious metals investment community.  Knowing why platinum and palladium should be in your financial portfolio alongside gold and silver is an integral step in following modern market trends.  A well-informed investment has a significantly higher chance of success, and the expert staff at Monex will be more than happy to answer all of your questions about these four noble metals.